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Comprehensive solutions for individual demands of road repair projects

If you are road designer who prepares project designs for repairing road surfaces who require a longer service life and an increased traffic load capacity, then the ADFORS GlasGrid asphalt reinforcement product line is the solution to meet your demands.   

GlasGrid Academy

Tested in the lab, proven in the field

Accelerated load model testing at IFSTTAR 

The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of the ADFORS GlasGrid GG100 fiberglass grid with 100 kN/m tensile strength on the performance of a new flexible pavement, with a relatively thin bituminous wearing course (80 mm). For this purpose, one section was reinforced with ADFORS GlasGrid and the other reference section was not reinforced. In the first phase there were 1,000,000 passes with a load of 65 kN, followed by another 200,000 passes with a load of 70 kN in the second phase.  The conclusions of the study indicate a very positive effect of the fibreglass grid on the resistance of flexible pavements to cracking:  

  • The first crack appeared after 800 000 cycles on the unreinforced part. At the end of the test, 70% of the surface of the unreinforced section was covered with cracks. 
  • The reinforced section showed no cracks by the end of the test (1.2 million cycles). 

Milling Performance and Recyclability – RWTH Aachen University 

  • In this test, ADFORS GlasGrid GG200 - 200 kN/m was installed on an existing AC 16 B S asphalt layer and then covered with 4cm thick SMA 8 S top layer. The upper part of the binder course including the reinforcement grid were picked up by the milling machine in a single step. No adverse effects were found and milling depth was not affected. 
  • The second test - a cyclic fatigue test - concluded that the reuse of milled asphalt granulates (including glass fibres) in a new asphalt mixture improved its characteristics. 
GlasGrid milling test


ADFORS GlasGrid asphalt pavement reinforcement systems have already been used at over 200 airports and countless road construction projects worldwide. 

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