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Our Commitments to the Planet and Your Well-Being


As a leader in reinforced technical textiles for the construction and manufacturing sectors, ADFORS recently developed an ambitious roadmap for stepping up its commitment to sustainable development and acting more responsibly in the community and environmental protection. Read about the four pillars of our commitment: 

More virtuous products 

  • Fiberglass and/or polyester solutions that enhance the durability and performance of our customers’ building systems.  

  • High-performance fiberglass finishing products that reduce the use of resourcesfor construction projects and improve the well-being of both workers and end users.  

  • Reinforcing geogrids that extend the lifespan of asphalt pavement and cut maintenance costs by eliminating reflective cracking. 

Sustainable geogrids
Sustainable coated veil
Offre Durable CPE -EN

In the future, we hope to enhance and expand our offering with solutions that not only deliver the performance our customers are looking for but also meet sustainability standards, so we can support the fast-changing markets we serve.  

To do that, we are aiming to:  

  • Embed sustainability into our innovation strategy without compromising on product performance and cost, so we can offer solutions that are kinder to the environment and designed to enhance worker health and safety as well as the health and comfort of end users.  

  • Reduce our current products’ environmental footprint, with a primary focus on life cycle analysis methodology.  

  • Ensure transparency in the solutions we offer by publishing an EPD, certified by a third party, for our largest categories of products by 2030.  

An organization committed to sustainable development  

Our employees’ health and safety is our top priority. That’s why we make every effort to reduce risk in our factories, through targeted awareness-raising programs. 

It’s also our duty as a company to promote greater environmental and social responsibility for our employees and to support a wide range of initiatives, both professional and personal. Each year, through the Saint-Gobain Foundation and our local initiatives, we support cultural, sports and environmental projects on behalf of the communities around our sites. We also offer training to help our employees understand the challenges posed by sustainable development and give them the means to act as agents of change.  

Sustainable organization - ADFORS
Sustainable organization - ADFORS
Sustainable organization - ADFORS

Industrial operations that are kinder to the environment  

Our plants – all ISO 14001 certified – are constantly mounting local initiatives to reduce their environmental impact to a minimum.    

On a like-for-like basis, each year between 2010 and 2022, we reduced:   

Sustainable operations - ADFORS

We are currently focusing our efforts on:   

  • Recycling 100% of the waste glass from our glass furnaces;  
  • Electrifying our various industrial processes over time;  
  • Enhancing our water cycle management for optimal savings at all of our sites  

to reduce our resource consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible, so that our future production is more aligned with the circular economy and we can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.  

A more sustainable supply chain 

Taking action across our entire supply chain is a key component of our CSR strategy. In partnership with our suppliers, we are currently tackling three areas for progress:   

  • Expanding our responsible purchasing program.  

  • Reducing our carbon footprint from purchased raw materialsand transportation.  

  • Transitioning to more ecofriendly packaging solutions, with a goal to include at least 30% of recycled content in all our recyclable packaging by 2030.  

Here’s an example of what we’ve accomplished:  

Sustainable packaging - ADFORS
Sustainable transportation - ADFORS
Decarbonization of raw materials - ADFORS