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Vertex® Fiberglass Mesh

Vertex® is a range of reinforcing fiberglass mesh fabrics and grids, widely used in building construction for wall and floor applications.
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Vertex® Mesh for Interior Walls

ADFORS mesh Vertex R275 neutral roll

Vertex® Mesh for Heavily stressed walls

Reinforcing fiberglass mesh grids

ADFORS has been producing Vertex® glass fiber mesh fabrics and grids from its plant in the Czech Republic for over 20 years.

Its specialist products are created from E-Glass fibers and used widely in a range of building construction applications, including external and internal insulation systems, façade renovations, floor screeds and industrial processes.

ADFORS Vertex mesh

Fiberglass mesh fabrics are an important part of façade systems and interior plastering, because they prevent cracks and reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the surface.  

When it comes to mesh, quality is integral. If a building component has a shorter life than the others, it can lead to significantly shorter life of the system as a whole.   

The mesh fabric applied within interior plaster ensures its' bond strength, as well as providing resistance to movement in new construction, stress points in walls, the drying of plaster and to external damage.