Geogrids for Area-wide Repairs

Asphalt Reinforcement GlasGrid CGL

ADFORS GlasGrid®

Composite fibreglass asphalt reinforcement for area-wide repairs of milled surfaces

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Product Overview

ADFORS GlasGrid® CGL is a composite material consisting of a solid fibreglass mesh bonded to a non-woven fabric. The glass fibres are coated with a modified polymer ensuring that the fibres are protected, there is sufficient lattice stiffness and optimal layer bonding. The lightweight non-woven fabric supports the efficient bonding of asphalt layers and provides high bitumen absorbency for fast and efficient laying.

The ADFORS GlasGrid CGL geogrid can be installed directly on the milled surface without a leveling asphalt layer. It is especially suitable for repairs on the entire width of the road and for widening lanes. The system serves as asphalt reinforcement and stress-relief, delays the formation of reflective cracks and extends the life of the asphalt cover by up to 300% and saves up to 50% of investment costs associated with maintenance.

Product benefits include:

  • fast and efficient installation
  • optimal absorbency of non-woven asphalt
  • does not damage the geogrid during installation and compaction
  • resistance to the traffic of construction trucks
  • perfect connection of asphalt layers
  • excellent milling properties
  • unlimited recyclability and enhanced properties of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
Product Tensile Strength Available widths Available lengths Weight
CG 50L
50 x 50 kN/m
1 m,
1.5 m,
2 m,
3 m
150 m
239 g/m²
CG 100L
100 x 100 kN/m
1 m,
1.5 m,
2 m,
3 m
100 m
439 g/m²
CG 200L
100 x 200 kN/m
1 m,
1.5 m,
3 m
70 m
637 g/m²
Resources & Guides

Brochures & Sell sheets (1)

GlasGrid brochure PDF - 811.5 KB

Technical Data Sheet (1)

TDS GlasGrid CGL PDF - 210.59 KB

Installation guides (1)

Installation Procedures GlasGrid CG/CGL PDF - 1.61 MB
FAQs on this product

Can an asphalt reinforcement be applied on a milled surface?

Yes, the ADFORS GlasGrid CG, CGL and RAPID composite geogrids are intended for application on milled surfaces. Please read the installation manual for the listed products.

What tack coat should I use to apply the asphalt reinforcement?

We recommend a polymer-modified tack coat with a minimum asphalt content of 60%.

What are GlasGrid geogrids made of?

ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids are made of glass fibers which are coated with a temperature stable elastomeric polymer to protect them.

Can a geogrid be applied to a concrete surface?

Yes, the ADFORS GlasGrid can be applied on concrete surfaces. Before application, we recommend laying a thin asphalt leveling layer and then using the self-adhesive ADFORS GlasGrid GG. 

Is it possible to use a geogrid in curves and at a roundabout?

The application of the geogrid in curves can be performed following the correct application procedure. We do not recommend using geogrids at the roundabout.