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Géogrilles de renforcement pour les maîtres d‘ouvrage

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We offer solutions that reduce the costs associated with road maintenance and repair and extend their life

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Cost savings

If you are an investor and want to reduce road repair costs by using the right solution, then we offer a complete range of innovative reinforcing geogrids for asphalt layers for protecting against cracks and potholes. Take advantage of the benefits offered by the ADFORS GlasGrid® product line.

Cost savings due to less frequent repairs


Be environmentally friendly

For many years, fibreglass reinforcement has been one of the most successful renovation measures used for asphalt layers. However, these asphalt constructions also reach the end of their service life sooner or later. That's why it’s good to know that ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids are easy to mill and completely recyclable and are made mainly from mineral raw materials. ADFORS GlasGrid has undergone a life cycle analysis – for more information you can request a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration. The product is also certified as environmentally friendly in connection with TOC (total organic carbon) development.

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Reduce construction time

ADFORS asphalt reinforcement grids are suitable for preventing cracks in the asphalt layers and enable very easy and fast installation. In the product portfolio, you can find special products for tack coat free application, which are especially suitable for time-limited construction projects.

Asphalt reinforcement geogrid