Geogrids for Special Repairs

Asphalt Reinforcement GlasGrid Mastic

ADFORS GlasGrid®

Fibreglass asphalt reinforcement for special repairs with mastic asphalt

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Product Overview

ADFORS GlasGrid® Mastic is a fiberglass geogrid with high tensile strength and mesh stiffness thanks to the coating of glass fibres with a patented modified polymer. The polymer coating also protects the fibres from damage and allows optimal bonding of the layers. ADFORS GlasGrid Mastic is a specially developed geogrid for surface repairs covered with mastic asphalt.

The ADFORS GlasGrid Mastic reinforcing geogrid extends the life of asphalt pavement by up to 300% and saves up to 50% on investment costs associated with maintenance.

Product benefits include:

  • quick and efficient installation
  • elimination of mastic asphalt spilling during the hardening process
  • protection against micro-cracks in mastic asphalt
  • excellent milling properties
  • unlimited recyclability and enhanced properties of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
Product Tensile Strength Elongation Available widths Grid size Available lengths Weight
50 x 50 kN/m
2,5 ± 0,5 %
1.5 m
25 x 25 mm
75 m,
150 m
205 g/m²
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FAQs on this product

What are GlasGrid geogrids made of?

ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids are made of glass fibers which are coated with a temperature stable elastomeric polymer to protect them.

Is it possible to use a geogrid in curves and at a roundabout?

The application of the geogrid in curves can be performed following the correct application procedure. We do not recommend using geogrids at the roundabout. 

How fast can a GlasGrid be applied?

With the use of special tractor, the application speed is up to 6000 m²/hour. For manual installation, it is approx. 1000 m²/hour.

Under what weather conditions cannot the geogrid be applied?

Local standards and regulations for application of asphalt surfaces (e.g. temperature, precipitation, humidity) must be observed. We do not recommend the application of geogrids at air temperatures below 5° C and when raining or after the rain when the surface is still wet.

For what type of road are GlasGrids suitable?

ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids are suitable for application on all road categories of flexible pavements.