GlasGrid 50NA application image tram lines

Geogrids for Special Repairs

ADFORS GlasGrid® Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement for local repairs
GlasGrid GGNA

Asphalt Reinforcement GlasGrid Mastic

Geogrids for Special Repairs
Geogrids for special repair

You can find geogrids for the application on all types of surfaces covered by mastic asphalt in the ADFORS GlasGrid® portfolio as well. Construction or rehabilitation of commercial parking areas and tram lines are good candidates for GlasGrid application.

Asphalt pavement reinforcement market garage and parking


  • Elimination of leakage of mastic asphalt while hardening
  • Elimination of microcracking in mastic asphalt
  • Rut reduction
  • Light weight for easy manipulation
  • Easy to cut 
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