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What kind of glue should I use on the fiberglass wallcoverings?

We recommend ready-to-use glue formulated for fiberglass wall covering or a standard glue for wallcoverings – e.g. ADFORS glue, Metylan Ovalit. For best results, use ready-mixed glue, not the powdered ones. Although powdered glues is less expensive, it's more demanding to mix properly and provides less adhesion for Novelio wall coverings.

Can an asphalt reinforcement be applied on a milled surface?

Yes, the ADFORS GlasGrid CG, CGL and RAPID composite geogrids are intended for application on milled surfaces. Please read the installation manual for the listed products.

Can an asphalt reinforcement be applied to an existing asphalt surface?

Yes, the self-adhesive geogrid ADFORS GlasGrid GG is intended for application on existing asphalt surfaces. The surface must meet the conditions specified in the installation manual. Please read the installation manual for ADFORS GlasGrid GG.

What tack coat should I use to apply the asphalt reinforcement?

We recommend a polymer-modified tack coat with a minimum asphalt content of 60%.

What are GlasGrid geogrids made of?

ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids are made of glass fibers which are coated with a temperature stable elastomeric polymer to protect them.

Can a geogrid be applied to a concrete surface?

Yes, the ADFORS GlasGrid can be applied on concrete surfaces. Before application, we recommend laying a thin asphalt leveling layer and then using the self-adhesive ADFORS GlasGrid GG. 

Does the geogrid form a waterproofing layer?

We offer 2 types of products for creating a waterproofing layer (interlayer barrier) – ADFORS GlasGrid CG composite geogrid and ADFORS GlasGrid RAPID – the self-adhesive composite geogrid.

Is it possible to use a geogrid in curves and at a roundabout?

The application of the geogrid in curves can be performed following the correct application procedure. We do not recommend using geogrids at the roundabout. 

How fast can a GlasGrid be applied?

With the use of special tractor, the application speed is up to 6000 m²/hour. For manual installation, it is approx. 1000 m²/hour.

Under what weather conditions cannot the geogrid be applied?

Local standards and regulations for application of asphalt surfaces (e.g. temperature, precipitation, humidity) must be observed. We do not recommend the application of geogrids at air temperatures below 5° C and when raining or after the rain when the surface is still wet.

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