Vertex® Mesh for Marble and Mosaic

ADFORS Vertex®

Vertex® Mesh is used to reinforce marble to prevent damage during manipulation and installation, and as a mesh backing sheet for mosaic tiles providing reinforcement.

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Product Overview

Vertex® Mesh is commonly used in marble slab reinforcement - by bonding  fiberglass mesh to one side of the slab, the material can be strengthened.

To ensure reliable bonding to the marble slabs, custom coatings were developed. These coatings dissolve in resin, allowing resin to penetrate the mesh fibers thus creating a strong joint between mesh and slabs. The marble slab industry has been using  fiberglass mesh for marble reinforcement for many years, and have found it an excellent solution when looking for reinforcement for fragile stone blocks.

Mosaics are one of the oldest decorative construction elements. To reduce the time it takes to install large mosaics, backings were developed to enable these to be easily transported. Each type of mesh gives a different solution for the tile backing depending on your requirements.  Each product is available in a variety of widths to accommodate multiple projects and needs. By creating a mosaic mesh, installation time is significantly reduced in comparison to applying each  tile individually, and these mosaic backer sheets make the application quick and easy.

  • Strengthens the marble slab
  • Reduces the risk of damage during cutting and installation
  • Good bonding strength to the mosaic when used in combination with glue
  • Excellent tensile strength and rigidity
  • Better hygienic performance over paper reinforcement of mosaic in terms of mold development
  • Easy to apply, use and cut
Product reference Tensile Strength Available widths Grid size Available lengths Weight Pieces per box
1000 N/5cm
1 m
3,5x4,2 mm
50 m
65 g/m²
1700 N/5cm
1 m
4x4 mm
500 m
128 g/m²
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