Additional markets

Additional markets

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There are many ways to use ADFORS' products. Here are a few other markets we serve.

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ADFORS provides tapes manufacturers with a range of Laid Scrim solutions to ensure superior tear resistance. Wether our customers are looking for a reinforcement to be used into a tape solution for the packaging industry or another industrial application, our diverse processing and material technologies (i.e. tri-directional, bi-directional, glass polyester, others) will help them providing the appropriate and tailored answer to their needs.

Also, our know-how in chemistry helps our customers reducing their environmental impact by providing formaldehyde-free binders and suitable for water-based (and beyond) adhesives.



Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite material made of a polymer matrix and glass fibers. At the outer surface of the composite pipes are commonly used reinforcement solutions to improve the surface aeshetics and smoothness.

ADFORS with its wide range of reinforcement solutions from Polyester Laid Scrim for GRP Pipes extrusion to glass mat for anti-corrosion wrapping, our team is available to define the solution that best fits your needs.



Leveraging on our extensive experience acquired in technical textile solutions development, ADFORS developed for its European customers tailored and innovative reinforcements based on its diversified and versatile process and material technologies.

Our solutions will help you designing differentiated solutions with improved benefits in various domains including:

  • Mechanical: dimensional stability, stiffness, puncture resistance, elongation, tear resistance
  • Durability: resistance to UV, fire, moisture, mold, chemical
  • Aesthetics: flatness, surface finish
  • Sustainability: formaldehyde-free, bio-sourced binders

Grinding Wheels

Your cutting and grinding wheels need to cope with high temperatures and huge amounts of stress. By working with ADFORS you can ensure that your wheels will be safe and perform efficiently in long-term. Leveraging on 30 years of experience in abrasive wheel industry, ADFORS has developed an innovative range of customisable glass reinforcements that can be applied to any kind of equipment.

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