Paintable wall coverings

Novelio® EasyFix Wall Covering

ADFORS Novelio®

Self-adhesive fiberglass wall covering: Easy installation, no glue required, for fast, practical renovation of walls and ceilings.

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Self-adhesive wall coverings

The easy to apply wall covering offers a 30% saving in total installation time, as the self-adhesive layer can  be applied directly on the wall or ceiling. This includes 20% reduction in working time, and also a day of glue drying time, as well as a material saving of  7 kilograms of glue for a 15 m² room.

As with all products in the Novelio® range, the impact resistant wall finishes offer durable protection of the wall, and are ideal for crack prevention, crack covering and abrasion resistance. What's more, the Novelio® EasyFix fire resistant wall covering is easily washable and re-paintable, offering fast wall renovation. 

  • Time saving: 20% of working time, 1 day of drying time (glue)
  • Material saving: 7 kg of glue for a 15 m² room
  • Durable protection of the wall with 2 layers of acrylic paint
  • Fast wall renovation
  • Easily washable & re-paintable


Mock-up Product reference Available widths Available lengths Weight
1 m
50 m
125 g/m²
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Declaration of performance (1)

Wallcovering Declaration of Performance PDF - 129.68 KB

Certification (3)

Novelio EasyFix Reaction to fire EN PDF - 262.81 KB
Oekotex certificate 25.3.0033 EN PDF - 1.84 MB
Oekotex certificate 25.3.0073 EN PDF - 1.84 MB

Technical Data Sheet (1)

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FAQs on this product

Are Novelio fiberglass wall coverings safe and non-toxic ?

Yes, our fiberglass wall coverings are safe and non-toxic, due to the size of the fibers  used in the production of Novelio wall coverings (close to 10 microns (μm) in diameter).

Fiberglass is recognized by the World Health organization as non-carcinogenic, if above 3 microns (μm) in diameter.

How should the wall coverings be applied on internal and external corners?

Novelio wall coverings have a specially designed coating that ensures trouble-free folding and bending around internal and extenal corners.

At least 20cm of material should extend past the corner on each side to ensure proper adhesion.

What method should I use to join the edges of the wall coverings?

All ADFORS Novelio fiberglass wall coverings feature precisely cut edges and are designed to be applied edge to edge.

Pay close attention to the edges of the roll, as any damage to them will make the seam more visible.

For non-woven textiles (vlies), you can perform a double-cut to make the joints invisible.

How should the wall coverings be installed in humid environments?

Humidity has no effect on the installation of the fiberglass wall coverings. You just need to ensure  that the proper glue is used for application in humid environments.

Please keep in mind that Novelio wall coverings should not come into direct contact with water (e.g. from a shower), unless this is something specifically designed within the system.

What primer should I use to prepare the wall for fiberglass wall coverings?

Make sure to use the most suitable  primer for your particular wall type. You can use ADFORS ready-to-use glue mixed with clean, cold water at a ratio of 1:1. This glue has been specifically formulated to work with Novelio wall coverings and ensures a stong bond with your wall.