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Saint-Gobain ADFORS solutions for Prefabricated Construction

Increased Productivity and Mechanical Reinforcement

Prefabrication is a construction method that’s growing in popularity, as it helps meet the need to speed up construction and utilize a less skilled workforce. Prefabricators currently face many challenges that include:

 - Wet solutions that require preparation time and, above all, drying time, which slows down the production line. This is especially the case for finishes on walls and ceilings.

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 - The application of certain products requires specific expertise, with long training times for each new employee.

 - Transport and handling of prefabricated panels or modules can lead to cracks in the joints that require expensive, on-site repairs.

Wall Covering Novelio® Nature and Flashfibre®

  • A gain of 2 days (vs painting) per module
  • Simplified implementation requires little installation expertise
  • Impact and friction resistant: strong enough to withstand scrapes and domestic chocs
  • Washable (water and detergent)
  • Repaintable
  • Strippable
  • Repairable
  • A variety of patterns and colors available and customizable

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Novelio Nature wall covering Charm snow

Drywall Tape FibaTape®

  • 30% less time to apply compared to paper drywall tape
  • Effortless application on flat surfaces and inner corners, especially with the help of an unwinder
  • Crack resistace
  • Extremely easy to peel off and reposition
  • Additional types of FibaTape® for specific needs
    • MoldX: Anti-mold
    • Xtreme: Extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity
    • CrackStop: Enhanced crack prevention (especially above openings in the wall, such as doors, windows, etc.)
Drywall tape application

Drywall Tape FibaFuse® Double Strong

Innovative drywall tape combining a nonwoven structure with an additional layer of reinforcement mesh:

  • Exceptional crack resistance
  • Compatible with Bazooka
  • Porous design eliminates blisters and bubbles
ADFORS DWT FibaFuse Double Strong application

Mesh Vertex®

  • Prevents cracks
  • Essential part of ETICS
  • Optimized 3m width for prefabrication use
ADFORS mesh Vertex application

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  • Velimat®230: thin, acoustic layer under screed solution to reduce impact noise
  • -19 dB* reduction of impact noise with only a 25 mm layer of screed
  • Extremely thin (<5 mm thick)
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Moisture resistant


* the exact amount of noise reduction depends on the quality of the screed and installation of the final system

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Velimat acoustic layer