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ADFORS GlasGrid asphalt pavement reinforcement saves much needed building material

Road construction is an intensive activity and the worldwide shortage of materials for road construction in Europe, mainly asphalt, aggregate and gravel will become a problem. One of the main advantages of asphalt reinforcement systems is the significant extension of the service life of roadways, which also prolongs maintenance and repair intervals. This saves money on valuable construction materials.

ADFORS GlasGrid is recyclable within the asphalt layer and the GlasGrid product range offers reinforcement for application without need for tack coat:


Less workersLess machineryLess timeConservation of natural resourcesLess asphalt binderLess time



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ADFORS GlasGrid GG self-adhesive geogrids reduce total CO2 emissions by 19% per 1 km of EU motorway used over 30 years compared to an unreinforced motorway thanks to fewer repairs! 

An independent company from Sweden has calculated the positive environmental impact of ADFORS GlasGrid GG self-adhesive geogrid, comparing two 1 km long motorway sections over a 30-year period. The motorway section repaired without the use of road reinforcement was compared with a section of the motorway maintained using GlasGrid GG. The geogrids reduced total CO2 emissions by 19%, amounting 197 tonnes of CO2 thanks to extended repair intervals of the road surface.



Proven! How road repairs are reduced with GlasGrid 

Repair with Rapid



There are 13 000 km of motorways in Germany. If we applied ADFORS GlasGrid geogrids to every kilometre of German motorways, we would save an incredible 2 2561 000 tonnes of CO2 by reducing the number of repairs and maintenance by at least one repair over a 30-year period!

2,5 mil tonnes of CO2 emissions


production of 426 000 cars

And that´s not all...

Another great example of a sustainable solution is the largest project in GlasGrid´s more than 30-year history. In 2021, ADFORS CZ supplied 540 000 m2 of self-adhesive geogrid for the repair of the A1 motorway section from Chirpan to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. The self-adhesive function of the asphalt pavement allows application without nails and sprayer tack coat. This brings advantages:


Significant reduction in the amount of sprayed tack coat – 60% less

Fewer installation workers – 50% fewer

Faster application of the reinforcement – 20% less time