Asphalt reinforcement

Asphalt Reinforcement

ADFORS GlasGrid® Asphalt pavement reinforcement  
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Geogrids for Area-wide Repairs
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Geogrids for Area-wide Repairs
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Geogrids for Area-wide Repairs
GlasGrid GGNA

GlasGrid Mastic

Geogrids for Special Repairs

Full range of asphalt reinforcement with environmentally friendly approach

ADFORS GlasGrid product line offers several styles of pavement reinforcement geogrids designed for fast, easy, and efficient application. The geogrids can be used as full lane pavement reinforcement or isolated crack repair reinforcement. The use of the ADFORS GlasGrid prolongs the asphalt layers lifetime by up to 3 times and reduces maintenance costs by helping to prevent the advancement of reflective cracking. The product line is very easy to mill and is fully recyclable and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Asphalt reinforcement geogrid

30+ years of experience and successful installations worldwide prove that ADFORS GlasGrid asphalt reinforcements reduces thermal. and stress-related cracks reflecting through to the surface of a new asphalt overlays by up to 3times and provides up to a 50% reduction in future investment costs related to maintenance and rehabilitation over the lifetime of the road. 

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