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GlasGrid GG NA Tram lines

Czechia , Prague
Installation date


Rehabilitation of tram lines on Moskevska Street in Prague, The Czech Republic was the first project with asphalt pavement reinforcement application with use of mastic asphalt in The Czech Republic. ADFORS GlasGrid GG NA was applied on 4cm thick mastic asphalt layer with aggregate 16mm and covered by 4cm thick mastic asphalt layer with aggregate 11mm. The project with ADFORS GlasGrid GG NA was designed to reinforce mastic asphalt to avoid microcracking formation and to eliminate flowing of mastic asphalt during the hardening. 

GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2013(3)_Moskevska street

Site inspections

The inspection of performance took place on July 8, 2020. There are no visible cracks, potholes or ruts after 7 years in use.

GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2020(2)_Moskevska street

System Advantage

ADFORS GlasGrid NA improves mastic asphalt natural ability to reduce microcracking and provides reduction in future investment costs. Next benefits for you:  

  • Elimination of the flowing of mastic asphalt during the hardening  
  • Rut reduction  
  • Easy manipulation  
  • Fast application  
  • Full recyclability  
  • Reduction of CO2 
GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2013_Moskevska street
GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2013(4)_Moskevska street
GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2013(6)_Moskevska street
GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2020(1)_Moskevska street
GG50_CZ_PRAGUE_2020(2)_Moskevska street

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