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Application GlasGrid GG200 Farmington

United States , Farmington
Installation date


Road required drainage work on each side of 2-lane road. Work resulted in 5.5 m of existing ACC at center and new full depth repair on each side. Once settlement was completed, much of the new ACC was removed and replaced back to existing grade. Self-adhesive geogrid ADFORS GlasGrid 200 placed over each construction joint located approximately 2,74 m from centerline on each side of the road.  New wearing course placed full width. 

GG200_US_2009-2018_Farmington_layers with GG_1
GG200_US_2009-2018_Farmington_layers with GG_2

Site inspections

FIRST INSPECTION:  April 2012, you can see part of reinforced road in perfect condition versus cracked unreinforced road.  

SECOND INSPECTION: October 2016, reinforced road in very good condition.  

LAST INSPECTION: August 2018, reinforce road in good condition 9 years after rehabilitation. Longitudinal joints showing cracks - locally repaired/filled by appropriate material, no full road width repair needed.  

System Advantage

ADFORS GlasGrid improves asphalt´s natural ability to reduce cracking by up to 3 times and provides 50% reduction in future investment costs. Next benefits for you:  

  • Easy and fast application without nails need due to self-adhesive layer 
  • High resistance against damage during application and compaction thanks to unique elastomeric polymer coating   
  • Good trafficability on applied geogrid (suppliers, trucks, paver) 
  • Excellent asphalt layers bonding  
  • Full recyclability  
  • Reduction of CO2 

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