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GlasGrid PG Belgrade - Niš

Serbia , Belgrade - Niš
Installation date


Rehabilitation of concrete slabs on Serbian highway E-75 A1 Belgrad – Niš, gas station took place in May 2018. ADFORS GlasGrid PG was used as protection against penetration of dilatations and cracks through new asphalt layer. Patch grid was placed directly on concrete and covered by 5cm wearing course.

GlasGrid PG solution

GlasGrid PG solution

ADFORS GlasGrid PG (Patch Grid) is a fast and safe repair system for local repairs. The geogrid consists of a high-stiffness fibreglass grid, which is coated with a patented polymer layer, non-woven fabric and is provided with a thin layer of modified asphalt for perfectly fixing the grid to the milled surface.  

The product is specially developed for local repairs of asphalt layers in critical areas of potholes, joints and excavations and can be applied directly to the milled surface without further preparation.  This composite geogrid significantly shortens the repair time thanks to the application without the use of a tack coat. 

Site Inspection

Site inspection on March 14th, 2021 showed no penetration of the cracks to the asphalt surface at the place of concrete slabs joints reinforced by ADFORS GlasGrid PG after 3 years of use.


System Advantage

ADFORS GlasGrid PG improves asphalt´s natural ability to reduce cracking by up to 3 times and provides 50% reduction in future investment costs. Next benefits for you: 

  • Rapid Repair = Place & Cover  
  • Self-adhesive bitumen layer for fast and easy application  
  • Manpower saving due no tack coat need 
  • Protection against water penetration due to waterproofing function 
  • Reduction of CO2 
Road reinforcement installation
Road reinforcement installation in Serbia

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