GlasGrid® GP

Waterproofing Paving Mat ADFORS GlasGrid GlasPave 

GlasGrid® GP (GlasPave) reduces the potential for thermal and stress-related cracks reflecting through to the surface of a new asphalt overlay. Compared to traditional methods, GlasGrid GP provides a much more cost-effective solution, and is 4-8 times stronger than traditional paving mats.

GlasGrid® GP is constructed of high strength, continuous fiberglass fibers, coated in a patent-pending elastomeric polymer and embedded between two spun bond polyester textiles. GlasGrid GP creates not only a strong and effective moisture-resistant membrane, but also a high-tensile strength product. It is resistant to rot, chemicals and mildew, is thermally stable, and does not shrink or change dimensions when exposed to hot mix asphalt.

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