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Understanding Novelio® Product Codes

Our Novelio® line of fiberglass wall coverings are a high-quality, durable, and stylish choice for both professionals and DIYers. Depending on their specific characteristics, our various ranges of wall coverings offer numerous advantages, such as Class A+ certification for the lowest emission of volatile substances, breathability to prevent mold and mildew in humid spaces, fire resistance, impact resistance, washability, color fastness, and more.

To facilitate the quick and easy identification of products within the extensive line of Novelio® wall coverings, we have created a unique product code system. Each code lists the most important characteristics of the Novelio® product through a combination of a prefix, number, and suffix. The prefix identifies the type of wall covering, the number refers to the weight (expressed in grams per square meter), and the suffix identifies the product category.


Summary of Novelio® Product Codes:


T – Woven Wall covering
GV (Glassveil)  – Non Woven Wall covering
CV – Cellulosic non-woven wall covering


T – Represents the pattern
GV – Represents the final weight of the product, expressed in g/m²
CV - Represents the final weight of the product, expressed in g/m²


– EasyPaint (pre-painted)
E – EasyGlue (pre-glued)
F – CleanAir (absorbs formaldehyde)
M – Mold-X (anti-mold)
– Renovation



Product codes examples


Through the use of these compact product codes, you are provided with fast and convenient access to key information about our Novelio® products.