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NEW Tubeless Vertex® mesh is here!

As the largest manufacturer of woven fibreglass products in Europe, we are constantly investing substantial resources in order to offer a wide assortment of products that are high-quality and meet our customers’ requirements. The result of our latest innovation is coreless winding for fibreglass mesh with free-standing roll construction. Indeed, we have invested more than €1,000,000 in new machinery to produce rolls in this way.

This innovation will bring our clients a number of fundamental advantages:

•    Due to the modified winding process, a large proportion of our offering of woven goods is now more compact so takes up less space during storage and delivery. We were able to lower costs for storage and shipping space by up to 20%.
•    The new winding construction prevents a shape-memory from forming in the material, making it possible to use and work with 100% of the fabric along the entire length of the roll. Because of this, the textile is easier to apply and lay onto the mortar; resulting also in less unusable material.
•    It decreases the volume of packaging waste at the job-site. 

We have been able to achieve a higher quality product; we can help decrease the volume of waste and provide savings on delivery and storage costs. Even through small steps, we can help preserve our planet’s environment.

New Vertex Tubeless