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At Saint-Gobain, the health of our employees and our customers is our top priority. 

Faced with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Saint-Gobain group has organized itself all over the world. For several weeks now, we have taken steps to reduce travel to and from the areas most affected by the pandemic. These measures have been strengthened as the global situation has evolved. In our various countries of establishment, business continuity plans have been prepared for all critical sites that require it.

Remote work and separate work teams without contact with each other have been set up. 

All of the Group's teams are mobilized around the world to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners. They best ensure the continuity of our economic activity, serving the construction sector as well as for demanding industrial applications in sectors as diverse as the automotive, aeronautical, health, defense, security, and even the food & beverage industries.