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ADFORS offers a range of high-quality fiberglass products for home renovation including meshes, wallcoverings and jointing tapes, ideal for use in DIY projects.

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Do It Yourself with easy-to-use fiberglass product

If you’re starting a DIY project at home, ADFORS has a range of fiberglass products that are easy to use and could save you time and hassle too. 

Vertex® meshes, Novelio® wallcoverings and FibaTape® fiberglass tape for wall cracks are all designed to make life easier. They are simple to apply and can often reduce installation time, with several ready-to-use products in the range making the job quicker and easier with less mess. 

FibaTape® is the only CE certified self-adhesive drywall joint tape, offering the highest reinforcing performance possible with faster jointing and simple application. 

Stay on trend with Novelio® wallcoverings

The Novelio® range of wallcoverings come in a selection of unique patterns, created exclusively in partnership with a number of elite designers to capture your imagination.  

The fiberglass wallpaper is also produced using advanced weaving technology, so it is extremely durable against scuffs and scratches.  

Non-toxic and breathable

ADFORS fiberglass products are free of any PVC and are made entirely from natural materials, so they allow walls to breathe. 

Some products in the Novelio® range also feature CleanAir technology that effectively improves indoor air quality.