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ADFORS is a trusted and reliable partner, providing a range of fiberglass products for contractors to use in construction.

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A trusted partner for all your fiberglass needs

ADFORS is a trusted and reliable partner for contractors, with our leading Vertex®, Novelio® and FibaTape® product collections ideal for use in a wide range of construction projects. 

We are renowned in the industry for our market leading innovative products that are the highest quality, offering contractors the premium choice in fiberglass mesh, wall coverings and tapes.  

Time-saving and easy application

Our fiberglass products offer many benefits for contractors, such as easy application and time saving. Our Vertex® reinforcing fiberglass mesh is used for both external and internal wall applications. 

The Novelio® range of wallcoverings is easy to install and can save time on application thanks to a wide range of finishes. These include ready-to-use products such as Novelio® FlashFibre which requires no additional painting to ensure durable protection, offering a huge time saving on application and easy installation. 

In addition, Novelio® Classic EasyGlue fiberglass wall coverings come pre-glued for a faster installation and up to 50% saving on application time. 

FibaTape® drywall tape provides faster jointing too, with a perfect finish and 30% timesaving compared to using paper tape. 

Excellent customer service

We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and are a dependable partner for any contractor, no matter how small or large their business.