ADFORS FibaTape all range

Self-adhesive joint tape for plasterboard

ADFORS FibaTape® offers a full line of products for wall finishing.
The ADFORS FibaTape® family of products includes a complete range of innovative drywall joint tapes and cracks repair products, each off ering strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost savings.
  •  stronger joint than paper tape
  •  stronger joint than standard glass fibre tape
  •  high quality standard



Self-adhesive drywall joint tape

Self-adhesive — For an easy application.
High mechanical strength — Fiberglass mesh for stronger joints.
Smooth finish — Open mesh to eliminate blisters and air bubbles




Anti-mold drywall tape

Anti-mold — Provides mold protection for a safer environment. Perfect for wet rooms.
Greater protection — Provides more protection than other drywall tapes in moist environments. Perfect “10” rating on ASTM G 21-96 mold test.
Perfect compatibility — Ideal for use with mold-resistant drywall.



Extreme environment drywall tape

Extreme tack — More glue for a better grip to help keep tape secure in humid or cold environments.
Extreme humidity — Adheres in environments up to 60% relative humidity.
Extreme temperatures — Performs in temperatures of 5–35 °C.




Ultra-thin drywall tape

Thinner profile — Over 30% thinner than standard paper drywall tape and regular fiberglass mesh tape – without compromising strength.
Increased strength — 50% more intersection points and an increased number of fabric yarns for unparalleled durability.
Ideal for ceilings — A thinner profile requires less compound for easier feathering and sanding.


Self-adhesive mesh fabric tape

Durable thanks to excellent alkali resistance
Ideal for high humid enviroments
Ideal for reinforcement for joints of cement boards



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