ADFORS FibaTape®

ADFORS Fibatape® Classic

ADFORS FibaTape® Classic - the best reinforcing performance

ADFORS FibaTape®, the fastest way to a perfect joint

ADFORS FibaTape® Classic is the only self-adhesive tape that is CE certified whilst offering additional benefits to the end-user:

  • Highest reinforcing performance - 70% superior to other fibreglass tapes and 25% more than paper
  • Faster jointing - 30% time-saving compared to a joint using paper tape
  • Perfect result - Avoids blisters and air bubbles
  • Easy application - Designed for ceilings, and high or more technically-demanding areas
  • Multi-purpose product - Suitable for both tapered and square edge plasterboard

A comparative study carried out on three different types of tape (New ADFORS FibaTape® Classic, paper tape and standard self-adhesive fibreglass tape) demonstrated superior mechanical properties of the joint* with ADFORS FibaTape® Classic (+ 25% compared to paper tape, + 70% compared to other fibreglass tapes).

Moreover, the study highlighted that a joint reinforced with ADFORS FibaTape® Classic has a better capacity for absorbing higher vibrations (and for longer).

With ADFORS FibaTape® Classic only one layer of compound is needed for a perfect result !


Product name Width (mm) Length(m) #rolls/box #boxes/pallet #rolls/pallet
ADFORS FibaTape® Classic 48 20 24 64 1536
ADFORS FibaTape® Classic 48 45 24 40 960
ADFORS FibaTape® Classic 48 90 24 20 480
ADFORS FibaTape® Classic 48 153 12 24 288



1. Apply the self-adhesive side directly onto joints.
2. Cover the fabric completely with a thin coat of plaster (5–10 cm wide).
3. To finish, recover with a further coat of plaster (15–20 cm wide).

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