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We’re ADFORS FibaTape®

All construction sites are concerned about quality, time, and cost and - with ADFORS - you can get everything you need as well as some added benefits. The finished job will be neat and perfectly executed.

It gives us great satisfaction to know that you enjoy using ADFORS FibaTape®. Today, we’re used to hearing the well-worn phrase “Time is Money,” something which is doubly important in the business world so if this concerns time you plan on working with tape, you’ll end up making a 30% time saving gain.
We’ve been manufacturing reliable fibreglass tape for many years now and have developed it to satisfy the needs of workmen – when insulating attic spaces, for example. You always want to give your customers the best! so is there a better recommendation than a satisfied customer and a wall that has been built to perfection? Well, you can do it with us, because ADFORS FibaTape® won’t disappoint.

We have made a comparison video for you with 2 of our Product Managers playing the leading roles. The one on the left is Michal Doubrava. He is responsible for everything concerning ADFORS Novelio® wallcoverings. The person on the right is Erik Pellati, and he is in charge of our ADFORS FibaTape® product range. Both Product Managers accepted the challenge for a friendly competition and in the film you can watch the contest between paper tape and our ADFORS FibaTape® for yourself.
At ADFORS, we definitely don’t recommend combining both of these tapes on the same construction site and certainly not by dividing them between two workmen as one would be constantly pressed for time and disadvantaged in comparison to the other who would a save tremendous amount of time on site. We assure you that ADFORS FibaTape® by Saint-Gobain ADFORS offers you other guaranteed advantages too…

• alkali - resistant models
• strong, undeniable adhesion
• able to withstand extreme conditions
• quick and easy handling

For the comparison video in which one of the applicators has a clear advantage, please visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL