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Impact Sound Insulation

Reducing the noise

Noise is today a major complaint in the workplace. The importance of acoustics was initially underappreciated, but one can say now that excessive exposition reduces productivity and lowers employee satisfaction. Impact sound insulation is critical to reduce the noise generating by someone walking on a floor to the room below.

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ADFORS contributes to the acoustical performance of an overall flooring system either under screed or a floor covering (e.g. hardwood, LVT). Our dry-laid glass mat technology will provide an alternative to polyester or foam technologies with superior mechanical strength and fire properties. This technology is also providing long-lasting acoustical performance compared to other materials thanks to glass resilience properties. Our glass mat can also be laminated with various materials (e.g. PE adhesive tapes) to provide the appropriate and tailored answer to the final application. Surface is printable to support our customers spreading out their branding strategy.