Coated Glass Mat

The coated glass mat is the combination of our glass mat product coated with a proprietary functionalized mineral paste.


ADFORS has a very diverse set of processing technologies and materials. Leveraging on this expertise, we can provide innovative solutions that combine together different products (e.g. non-woven, laid scrim, woven fabrics) and materials (e.g. glass, polyester) resulting into unique benefits and features that can be adapted to your application.

The Coated Glass Mat is the combination of our Glass Mat product coated with a proprietary mineral paste. This results into a higher value-added solution which brings more functionalities to your final product. As an example, with its Coated Glass Mat technology, ADFORS provides gypsum board manufacturers an alternative to paper-faced solutions with a superior weather resistance including water repellancy, UV and mold resistance. Its surface is printable which enables our customers spread out their branding strategy.

It can be used in various other industrial applications, and our team is available to define the solution that best fits your needs.

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