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Trust, Engagement and Collaboration

People matter to us, and we try to show that every day. As part of this, our aim is to create an enterprising and cooperative working environment, where you have the opportunity to learn new skills, and develop your career. We want to be a business that you’ll be proud to work for; one that is committed to improving people’s daily life, being accountable, and to preserving the environment by embedding sustainability in all our activities. We believe that a great working environment is a key success factor and take pride in providing the best conditions possible to all our employees. As part of this engagement, we developed three corporate values that are essential: Trust, Engagement and Collaboration.

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Saint-Gobain Attitudes

The world is moving at an accelerating pace. Changes that profoundly impact society and our markets at large are leading us to review our business models and question the way we work. To onboard all these changes, Saint-Gobain has defined in 2017 five Attitudes that reflect both a new style of management and state of mind that unite all Group employees :

- Cultivate customer intimacy
- Act as an entrepreneur
- Innovate
- Be agile
- Build an open and engaging culture