Vertex® 3Force mesh for ETICS

ADFORS Vertex®

The first tri-axial mesh in the ETICS programme.

Product Overiew

We are happy to introduce to you our revolutionary, new Vertex® 3Force mesh.

What makes Vertex® 3Force unique? It is the first tri-axial mesh in the ETICS programme. This technology saves time during installation because there is no need to attach additional mesh diagonally in the corners around the windows. As a result, the installation time is significantly faster (approximately 10 minutes per window) meaning you also save on costs.

Vertex® 3Force mesh is produced on a brand new line at our plant in the Czech Republic and meets the quality requirements of the main European testing laboratories. CE certification is a matter of course.

Main benefits:

  • time saving (10 minutes per opening)
  • easy to cut
  • CE certified according to ETA 21/0760
  • diagonal mesh strips no longer required

Product reference Available widths Grid size Available lengths Weight Pieces per box
1,1 m
6x6x6 mm
50 m
160 g/m²
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Vertex 3Force sellsheet EN PDF - 3.94 MB