ADFORS will be going from a house of brands to a branded house. 
What does this mean?  

It means that the current brands manufactured by Saint-Gobain ADFORS (FibaTape, FibaFuse, GlasGrid, New York Wire, Novelio and Vertex) will either become product names under the ADFORS brand or continue under just the ADFORS brand.


Having one brand allows ADFORS to focus on building the main brand instead of dividing attention amongst many.  All products will be manufactured with the same high quality standards that have always been in place.

Check out our ADFORS Rebranding video to learn more about what will and will not change.


One ADFORS brand will bring clarity and consistency across all product lines manufactured by ADFORS.

As the reliable and innovative global leader in technical textiles for construction, industrial and other new markets, ADFORS follows these core promises:


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