Resilient flooring

Keeping your floors under control

Your flooring is subject to enormous pressure and therefore needs to be protected as effectively as possible. Technicians at Saint-Gobain ADFORS have spent over 50 years optimising a range of adaptable solutions - including plastisol coating and polymer calendaring - to make your flooring more resilient and environmentally friendly.

Choose the right Saint-Gobain ADFORS solutions for you

  • Plastisol coating: Low emission or VOC free acrylic binders compatible with PVC and TPO polymers
  • Polymer calendaring: open and resistant so that the molten polymers can impregnate without being damaged or losing their strength

These customisable ADFORS solutions use:

The advantages for your resilient flooring

  • Adapted air permeability
  • Enhanced flatness
  • Controlled and constant thickness
  • High tensile and tear resistance
  • Uniform appearance
  • No or low VOC emissions

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