This category includes mesh and fabrics, from a very close to a very open product,
woven or knitted, with a wide range of weight and width.


 Glass Cloth (E-Fabrics)  Open Fabrics  Glass Fibre Fabrics TECO
 Twisted glass yarns  Glass fibre yarns  Texturized glass fibre yarns
 Plain or twill pattern  Half-leno pattern  Plain pattern
 From 80 to 660 g/m²  From 40 to 585 g/m² in greige  From 290 to 1500 g/m²
 Rolls up to 2 m width  Rolls up to 6 m width  
 Acrylic coating  Alcali-resistant coating  
 White or black color    Greige, caramelized or dyed,
 and can be coated

Please contact us  if you would like us to do a dedicated study to identify a particular fabric for your needs.

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