Built-in components

Reinforcement patches for built-in components

GlasGrid PM patches are comprised of our self-adhesive standard GlasGrid fiberglass grid with a reinforced bitumen layer specifically developed for manual repair of small areas.  PM patches come pre-cut in 2 half-circle shapes for quick and easy installation around a manhole.


Asphalt reinforcement solution for milled surfaces or leveling course 


  • Fast and safe complete patch repair system for repair of manholes.

  • Composed of a stiff fiberglass grid coated with a patented polymer coating and self-adhesive bitumen layer.

  • Specially designed for mitigating cracks aroun ironwork structures.


  • Self-adhesive bitumen layer.

  • Fast and easy manual installation.

  • Long-term crack retarding.

  • Maintenance cost reduction.

  • Increases pavement life.

  • Excellent milling performance and recyclability.

Technical Facts

  • Available Tensile strength 100 kN/m.

  • Available in half-ring shapes with internal diameters 685 mm and 785 mm.



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