ADFORS 2019 innovation

23 May 2019
ADFORS FibaTape® Cement

Spring is here, nature is still awakening and everything is in bloom. The ADFORS FibaTape® family is too. We are more than happy to present you our latest new-born - ADFORS FibaTape® Cement – a mesh fabric tape for cement boards. Are you wondering, what is the main superpower of this 2019 ADFORS innovation? Apart from providing crack prevention, it’s mainly this tape’s high alkali resistance which makes this product so durable on long-term basis and therefore ideal for jointing of cement boards (both indoor and outdoor). What is more, its’ fibreglass origin increases joint strength and structural integrity and thanks to the tapes’ self-adhesiveness it saves 30% of your time & money by making application really quick & easy. Last but not least it’s ideal for use in high humidity environments. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Would you like to touch this grey coloured tape in real? Just contact our Product Manager Erik, he send you a sample for free. BTW, ADFORS FIBATAPE® OFFERS A FULL LINE OF PRODUCTS FOR WALL FINISHING. DO YOU KNOW THEM ALL? If not, click here.

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