Polyester Non-Wovens

The preferred solution for use in bitumen membranes

For more than 2 decades, the Extreme Dimensional Stability (EDS) range has been a leader in expertise and excellence when it comes to providing reinforced polyester (PES) non-wovens for waterproof bitumen membranes. Lending to this reputation are the product’s distinct features, made possible by staple fiber technology which combines PES and glass fibers and reinforces with PES and glass filaments.

The unique mixture of PES and glass is not only essential to the product’s most important features, including high dimensional stability, nail tear and fire resistance, but also ensures better processability on the line as well.


Saint-Gobain ADFORS PES Non-wovens:

  • 120-320 grams
  • Unique product composition of complementary PES staple and glass fibers, with different combinations available
  • Can be reinforced with high tenacity polyester in both machine and cross machine directions and glass yarns in machine direction. Yarn reinforcement offered in different thicknesses, strengths, and elongations
  • Needle punched, thermal stabilized, and chemically bonded


Product benefits for membranes:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Fire resistance
  • Good nail tear resistance
  • Higher wind uplift resistance




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