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Glass Fiber Fabrics

Building Materials

ADFORS produces a range of glass fiber fabrics. With solutions that meet quality requirements such as fiberglass mesh and grids, wall coverings and self-adhesive tapes, ADFORS has been a trusted brand of professionals for over 20 years. 

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Vertex® Mesh Wall and Floor Reinforcement

Vertex® Mesh wall and floor reinforcement adds to a building’s wall to provide a number of benefits, such as crack prevention and enhanced durability. The lightweight fiberglass building material is easy to transport and install, and boasts a high tensile strength, low elongation as well as being fire resistant and alkali resistant.  

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Novelio® Wall Coverings

Novelio® is an exclusive range of paintable and ready-to-use fiberglass wall coverings in a selection of modern and elegant designs. Novelio® wall coverings give protection to walls in high traffic areas while improving the aesthetics, with a soft touch coating allowing for fast and easy renovation.  

Innovative solutions within the range such as EasyPaint, EasyGlue and EasyFix have been designed to save application time, while others including Clean-Air and Mold-X offer better living conditions to the end user. 

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FibaTape® Mesh Tapes

The FibaTape® range of mesh tapes includes a variety of solutions designed to aid with wall finishing. With innovative products such as drywall joint and crack repair tapes, the FibaTape® range offers strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost savings. It also includes wide fabrics for quick and easy renovation of walls. 

ADFORS DWT FibaTape 48x90m family