Other Industrial markets

Lighter and stronger

It can be challenging to find the right kind of protection and reinforcement for your industrial products and systems. By working with Saint-Gobain ADFORS, you will have access to a wide range of customisable solutions developed using over 50 years of experience in innovative industrial fabrics. With the capacity to create stronger and lighter solutions, you can add value for your customers by reaching new development frontiers.

The advantages for your other industrial markets

  • Mechanical strength: dimensional stability, rupture, puncture, tear resistance
  • Durability: resistance to fire, UV, moisture, mould and chemicals
  • Aesthetics: flatness, surface finishing
  • Sustainability: lighter product with less resource consuming products
  • Suitable for laminating, impregnation and embedding

Saint-Gobain ADFORS solutions are available for the following industrial applications:

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