FibaTape self-adhesive

FibaTape® Xtreme

ADFORS FibaTape®

Fiberglass mesh tape designed to adhere to cold walls, providing a secure grip even in environments with extreme temperature and humidity.

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Product Overview

When buildings are constructed, areas within a project are often exposed to thermal extremes. For example, rooms may be cold at the beginning of the day as they have been empty overnight, but will then heat up over the course of the day as work begins. These thermal extremes combine to create a moist and humid environment that requires specialist products. ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme™ is uniquely designed to adhere to cold walls and maintain a strong tack as humidity levels increase, making it ideal to withstand this extreme change in temperature.

This joint tape adheres in environments with up to 90% humidity, performing in extreme temperatures ranging from 5° to 35°C. The tape remains in place when exposed to rapid temperature change during drywall installation, and the self-adhesive application requires no embedding coat. The tough fiberglass mesh increases joint strength and structural integrity, and also eliminates blisters and bubbles for easy application.

  • Adheres in environments with up to 90% humidity
  • All-weather tape performs in extreme temperatures – from 5° to 35°C
  • Tape remains in place when exposed to rapid temperature change during drywall installation
  • Self-adhesive application requires no embedding coat
  • Tough fiberglass mesh increases joint strength and structural integrity
  • Open fiberglass mesh eliminates blisters and bubbles

Packaging and Labels: The roll itself is wrapped in shrink-film with usually a product label applied to the top side. The inner core is printed wit FT logo. These individual rolls are packed into printed cartons and these cartons are then stacked onto a pallet. We typically ship by truck so these are usually europallets. The pallet configuration may differ depending upon the roll length(s) & width(s) supplied, whether the goods are to be shipped by truck or by container etc.

Cartons: Our standard product is supplied in sealed plain cartons with a simple product identification label on the outside. Our FibaTape® range is supplied in printed tear-off display cartons printed with the FibaTape® logo. These permit us not only to ship the goods safely but allow the stockist to remove the tear-off portion and then put the display tray containing rolls directly onto the shelf. This is an easy & efficient way of merchandizing the product in-store (where space is often at a premium) whilst also keeping the rolls neat & tidy on the shelf.


Available widths Available lengths Pieces per box Boxes per pallet Color Rolls per pallet
48 mm
20 m
48 mm
90 m

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FibaTape® Declaration of Performance PDF - 794.65 KB

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