FibaFuse Nonwoven

Innovative reinforcing tape FibaFuse® Double Strong

ADFORS FibaFuse®

Premium innovative drywall tape offers remarkable crack resistance while maintaining thin profile.

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Product Overview

FibaFuse® Double Strong is an innovative drywall tape combining nonwoven structure of classic FibaFuse® tape with additional reinforcement mesh layer resulting in extraordinary crack resistance. The tape is specially designed to be applicable with automatic drywall taping tools or simply by hand. Its porous design allows compound to flow through the tape and adhere neatly to the wall thus eliminating the risk of blisters and bubbles.

• Versatile application options
• Ideal for high strength plasterboards like Habito® H (by Rigips)
• Perfect for tapered as well as butt-end joints
• Works with any compound
• Smooth finish


Available widths Available lengths Pieces per box Boxes per pallet Color Rolls per pallet
50 mm
75 m
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Certification (1)

FibaFuse® Double Strong Declaration of Performance EN PDF - 553.23 KB

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FibaFuse® Double Strong Technical Data Sheet EN PDF - 1.02 MB

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