Synthetic Roofing Membranes (Single Ply)

Synthetic membranes are made of different polymers (mainly PVC and TPO but also EPDM).  Typically PVC and TPO membranes can be reinforced with glass carriers for ballasted and/or adhered applications.

ADFORS product range is engineered to give high dimensional stability. Products have constant thickness and permeability in order to avoid membrane delamination.

Next to UF based binders, ADFORS can propose modified binders for lower fire reaction and acrylic binders.

Standard Range:

  • U 35
  • U 35 /2
  • U 50

Specific products:

•    Laid scrims: TGC2310/A and other constructions
•    AP 35
•    AP 50
•    U 50 F
•    TwinFab® 125 F

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