Roofing Shingles (pitched roofs):

Roofing shingles are usually produced at high speed and have specific needs, very different from other bituminous waterproofing products.

ADFORS product range varies from 70 g/m² for light shingles to 130 g/m² for top performance shingles.  Presence of input filaments of 13 or 16µ let our veil adapt to different bitumen viscosities and line speeds.  Forming settings can be adapted in order to better suit to customers' needs regarding tensile strength and tear resistance. 

ADFORS standard range for roofing shingles:

Light shingles:

  • U 70

Medium shingles:

  • U 80
  • U M 80 /3
  • U 90

Heavy weight/Top shingles:

  • U 100
  • U M 100 /3
  • U M 110 /3
  • U M 120 /3

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