Gypsum boards

Glass fiber veil faced gypsum board is a new generation of paperless board designed as a replacement for traditional paper-faced gypsum board for specific applications.
Paperless gypsum panels are highly mold resistant and ideal for moisture-prone interior walls, in areas such as basements and residential bathrooms, as well as exterior sheathing.

Glass veil reinforced panels are also used for fire resistant gypsum boards, for commercial or public buildings.

Replacing paper facings by glass veil facings removes a potential food source for mold; it also improves its fire and moisture resistance.

Our ADFORS Industrial Fabrics Product Offer:

  • Coated glass veil facers for wet environments and for exterior applications: we provide a glass veil coated on one side with polymer and mineral based paste. The fibrous side allows optimal adhesion with the gypsum. We offer colored coated mat and printed logo to allow our customers a better differentiation.

  • Plain veil embedded in the surface of the gypsum boards used for fire protective construction elements.

Our products are highly compatible with the processing on the gypsum board production line; and contribute greatly to the mechanical, mold and fire properties of the boards.

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