Foam boards

This is a support element made of polystyrene hard-foam with a mortar coating reinforced on both sides with open woven fabric or laid scrim. 

It can also be used as a wall cladding, in floor structures, for upgrading bathroom and wellness facilities.  Foam boards can be used not only as carriers for walls but also as floors for showers, whole interiors including benches in steam baths, ...

Foam board is a complete waterproofing solution for tile and stone installation.  

The ADFORS glass fiber mesh or laid scrim is applied during coating between the contact mortar layer (foam board and mortar).  

ADFORS product benefits

  • The glass fiber fabric that is embedded on both sides between two mortar layers, guarantees a high degree of stability.

  • The reinforcement with glass mesh or laid scrim guaranties a flexible reinforcement of the mortar. This gives a freedom to design and adapt your individual needs and esthetics.

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