Acoustic underlays

Loss of concentration, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, high irritability and depression are the consequences of the noise on our health.

ADFORS Industrial Fabrics works close with its customers to find the appropriate technical solutions for its acoustic insulation product range.


Acoustic Glass Mat - Semi-Finished Product


To be used under screed or wooden floor, the acoustic glass mat can be easily laminated with bitumen or any other protective foil.

The acoustic glass mats can also be used directly under dry floor construction such as gypsum boards. ADFORS offers a full acoustic mat product range (from 100 to 450 g/m² - in jumbo rolls) allowing you to reach the requirements of your national acoustic regulation.
Thin acoustic glass mats offer a good impact insulation, a high pressure resistance performance and is compatible with all heated floor systems. These high quality products come from ADFORS worldwide exclusive technology.


Velimat® is made of an acoustic glass mat laminated with two protective polyethylene foils. The upper foil features a sticky edge to connect the layers with each other. It is screed proof and allows you to walk on the acoustic mat without causing any damage during installation. The bottom foil protects the mat from the residual rubbers and avoid acoustic bridges.

Velimat® is:

  • Ready to be installed

  • Very thin (< 5 mm)

  • Easy to cut

  • Easy to handle - lightweight 12kg/roll

  • High, long-lasting acoustic performance

  • High, long-lasting pressure resistance

  • Heat resistant (compatible with heated floors)

Sustainable (made of 60 % recycled glass)

  • VOC emission under detection level

  • Fire resistant (suitable for timber frame construction)

  • Tubeless product (less waste in site)

  • Easy to transport 19000 m²/truck

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