Other Industrial markets

When lightness and strength are needed, ADFORS’ technical textiles come as an answer.  

ADFORS designs and produces innovative reinforcing and facing solutions.  A customized solution will enhance your products and systems in order to meet requirements in terms of : 

  • Mechanical strength : dimensional stability, rupture, puncture, tear resistance

  • Durability : resistance to fire, UV, moisture, mould or chemicals

  • Aesthetics: flatness, surface finishing

  • Sustainability: lighter product with less resource consuming products.

Thanks to ADFORS textile fabrics, you will have the capacity to engineer stronger and lighter solutions, enabling your design team to reach new product development frontiers.  ADFORS solutions are based on a complete range of manufacturing processes as non woven technology, knitting or weaving processes.  Woven and non woven ADFORS fabrics can be laminated onto the surface, impregnated or embedded in large variety of products used in industrial applications.

You will find specific solutions for the following industrial applications:

  • Pipe

  • Composites 

  • Packaging, foil and films

  • Non woven reinforcement 

  • Sail cloth reinforcement 

  • Coating & painting

  • Flexible duct

  • Insulation facing

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