Ruby award for ADFORS

17 Jul 2019
ADFORS CZ plant in Litomyšl wins the prestigious Ruby award for reducing ergonomic risks

The ADFORS production plant in Litomyšl scored with a competition nomination among projects that have a positive impact on humans, the natural world and the environment.

SAINT-GOBAIN hands out awards in the sphere of EHS (ENVIRONMENT – HEALTH - SAFETY) every year. Three separate categories, then. The awards in the relevant areas are named after precious stones: emerald for the environment, diamond for those that best take care of safety and ruby for work in hygiene. The name derived from the precious stones has its own symbolism. Just as the minerals themselves are precious, so too is the human life to which the award so clearly refers.

The production plant in Litomyšl sent three nominations to the competition: Reduction of water consumption of the air conditioning unit Bahr 5“ (E), the safety of machinery (S) and evaluation of ergonomic risks (H). The plant in Litomyšl convinced the panel and shone in the area of Health. The winners were awarded with a Ruby, which is presented once a year. The competition only has five winners each year, from the total 900 production plants which the group has all over the world. Production Manager Pavel Semirád received the award in person in Paris.

I was delighted by the tenacity, expertise and determination of the team that handled the problem.  The involvement of employees from different departments was most impressive. I think that everyone is aware that ergonomic risks are part and parcel of our daily work and reducing them is a marathon, an endurance race,” revealed Production Manager at the ADFORS plant in Litomyšl Pavel Semirád. 

The winning project, “Evaluation of ergonomic risks”, was the result of over one year of work. The team at ADFORS began by mapping out the operation of activities carried out. Employees from the plant in Litomyšl are now continuing the implementation of the project step-by-step. They want to introduce measures in life which will lead to a reduction in the level of ergonomic risks.

I am delighted that we were successful amidst such massive competition,” concluded Pavel Semirád.


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