Acoustic underlays

Optimising acoustic insulation

Noise can have a very negative impact on our health leading to loss of concentration, sleep disorders and even depression. For over 50 years, Saint-Gobain ADFORS has been developing technical fabrics including a customisable range of acoustic products to optimise the performance and resistance of your acoustic underlays to prevent impact noise propagation.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS solutions

A full acoustic mat product range (from 100 to 450 g/m² - in jumbo rolls):

  • Velimat®: acoustic glass mat laminated with two protective polyethylene foil
  • Acoustic Glass Mat (semi-finished product): used under screed or wooden floor, can be easily laminated with bitumen 
  • or any other protective foil

The advantages for your acoustic underlays

  • Easy to install, cut, handle & transport
  • Optimised acoustic performance
  • Heat, fire, pressure & impact resistance
  • Sustainable, low VOC emissions
  • Tubeless for reduced waste
  • Screed-proof to avoid damage during installation
  • Avoid acoustic bridges

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