New Magnetic Wallcovering

A new type of Novelio Magnet (MWB) is a multi functional wallcovering. You can use it for multiple purposes such as:

  • standard magnetic board with high magnetic power
  • ideal background for the beamer projections thanks to a surface which minimizes reflections
  • and at last you can write on it like on the normal whiteboard with normal whiteboard markers

It is a 3-layer sandwitch to ensure the best possible performance:

  • nonwoven backing for easy and smooth application – easy cutting and application with normal glue for glass fibre wallcoverings
  • ferrite containing core for superb magnetic power
  • smooth white surface which is easy to wipe off and ideal for the projectors thanks to its reflection limiting treatment

Product is ideal for plenty places, varying from purely professional ones like meeting and presentation rooms, to any kind of residential use like childrooms.

Another advantage of this whiteboard is that the product is sold in form of rolls, which makes the transport from the point of sale to final destination much easier. It is then installed in the standard wallcovering way, so you do not need to drill any hole or turn any screw to fix it on the wall.

Novelio Magnet (MWB) roll is 117 cm wide (2,6 m long), so it is untraditionally installed in the horizontal way – this makes perfect, seamless surface.


  • Superb magnetic power
  • Easy to manipulate and instal
  • Perfect image quality from projector
  • Easy to write on and wipe off with normal whiteboard markers
  • Wider roll for one step application without any joints


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