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American Road Patch reinforcement

Peel & Seal Pavement Patch for local repairs

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Product Overview

American Road Patch™ is a "peel and seal" patch for local repairs applied to the road surface, creating a waterproof layer extending the life of the repair. Unlike traditional methods, the American Road Patch™ is a cost-effective product that acts as a seal, reinforcement and patch for repaired potholes, cracks and working joints.

Current methods of local road repairs do not solve the cause of the problem – preventing water penetration. They only use repair mixtures with a short service life. The American Road PatchTM is the solution! Take a step forward now and avoid repetitive repairs.

Product benefits include:

  • easy to use without special machines and equipment needed
  • contains a high-strength fibreglass reinforcement grid
  • application on asphalt or concrete
  • patented technology
  • resistance to damage by ploughs
  • carry out repairs without closing the road
Product Tensile Strength Available widths Available lengths Weight Thickness
25 kN/m
1 m
6,4 m
31,8-34 kg by roll
3,2-4,8 mm
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